Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Craft Show Was a Bust

Well, the craft show was not well attended.  Maybe 2 dozen people walked through the door.  Could be a combination of odd time of year for a craft show, location and the first nice day for weeks.  I only sold one item.  And I did something I've never done before--I left early.  I just couldn't justify sitting there for another hour when no one was coming.  Many others left well before me.  I felt bad about leaving, but it just was not a good use of my time to sit there.  Has anyone else ever left a craft show early?

So now I'm updating my on-line shops.  It's amazing how time consuming that is.  I was having trouble with pictures on Artfire which really slowed me down.  I want to update my current items that are listed and then I have some new ones to list.  I'm adding a clearance section on my Artfire store http://www.artfire.com/users/BrendasCraftStore and putting the winter items in it.  Even though the temperature was in the 30s last night, I'm still hoping for spring so I'm going to put the winter stuff on clearance.  It's a good time to stock up for next year though!  You can't beat the prices!

Next up might be some shawls and I saw a pattern for a cute little graduation bear.


  1. Sorry about your craft show. I have only done one last year. Just made my booth fee back by selling 2 items. Was determined to do better this year, but now have to work weekends. In a way, I am relieved not having to deal with them.

  2. This was only the 2nd time I've ever had a show be that bad, so I guess I've been lucky. I usually enjoy the shows once I'm there, but I do hate the packing up and hauling part and it does take you away from home and everything for an entire day. Hopefully you'll get an opportunity to do more shows and they'll go better.