Monday, September 3, 2012

A Tip on Making Ruffle Scarves

Looks like it's been a long time since I posted anything.  Like my last post says--I was really into making baby stuff.  I did 3 baby afghans, hats, booties and a full size afghan.  Gave myself some tendonitis (really not a fun thing to deal with) and turned another year older since my last post. 

Summer really flew by.  I really cut down on the time I spent doing social media and took a week's vacation in Yellowstone National Park.  A very worthwhile change to make.  I felt more rested and got more things done at home and with my family.  It's amazing how much time the internet takes up.  There are so many good things out there on the web and useful information, but I think we should be very judicious about how much time we spend staring at a screen.  I highly recommend taking a vacation that does not involve computers, tablets or even cell phones.  A place like Yellowstone is the perfect place for just such a vacation.  And you don't really need all that electronic stuff when you're enjoying all that nature has to offer.  Besides the gorgeous scenery, we saw elk, moose, bears, deer and other wildlife.  I never even turned on my cell phone while I was there. 

And now for the tip:

Now that summer is over and craft show and holiday season will be here soon, I've tried to get back to work.  I found the ruffle yarn in team colors and since I live in the home of the MN Vikings and right next door to the Green Bay Packers, I thought scarves in those team colors would be a good choice.  Working with the ruffle yarn, however, can be a pain the butt.  I read a comment somewhere long ago that someone thought maybe wrapping the yarn around some cardboard or something might help with keeping the mesh open instead of it closing up on you frequently. I haven't read anything else about that since, but this time I thought I'd try it.  So I wrapped the yarn around some cardboard before I started knitting the scarf.  And it worked pretty much.  The mesh still closes up a little, but it's much better than doing nothing.  I've started another scarf and this time I had a ball of some other yarn laying about, so I wrapped the ruffle yarn around that ball.  We'll see if that makes any difference.

Here's a picture of the Vikings scarf I made. 

It's available for purchase at or

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