Friday, March 4, 2011

A Really Good Band

Dear Blog:

Last night I should have been taking pictures of the headband and hat I just finished and listing them in one of my on-line shops, but instead my husband and I actually went out to a bar!  (We've never been the type to go to bars, so it was quite a thing for us.)  My son works with a band and they were playing at a local bar last night along with a couple of other bands.  So we were good supportive parents and went to hear them.  We loved seeing them in person.  They had a small but good crowd.  Hopefully, they'll start drawing even bigger crowds.  The band is called Crashing Daylight and it's made up of 4 very nice young men in their late teens and early twenties.  They play rock/alternative rock.  They really are quite good and are trying to make a name for themselves.  They have an EP out on iTunes and you can find them on Facebook and MySpace. 

It was also fun to see the puzzled look on my son's face upon seeing his parents in a bar and actually having a drink.  Sort of dispels his notion of us as old fogies who just stay at home and don't do anything.

Since I have no pictures of my newest creations to show you yet, I'll plug somebody else.  I just bought a couple of patterns from this shop today and service was excellent and fast.  Check her out.

The Blackwood Cottage

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