Friday, January 20, 2012

They Say Sex Sells

They say sex sells, and here's another example:

The headline of course was what caught my eye, but it's an interesting article.  I'm not sure that all the guys in the photos are what I'd call "sexy", but they're great photos and a great way to showcase crochet!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tool to Track Your Sales and Sales Goals

Happy New Year to everyone!

Handmadeology has created a tool to track your Etsy sales and sales goals which I learned about through some other people's Linked In and Facebook posts.  It looks really slick and seems to be quite easy to use.  I recommended giving it a try.  I'm going to.  I might create one for my Artfire store too.  Go to  You can read a little about the spreadsheet and then click on the request button.  Follow the directions and you'll quickly have your own spreadsheet.

I hadn't ever really looked at Handmadeology before although I've heard of it.  It looks interesting, so I subscribed.